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Port of Airlie blooms this spring for boat show 2011

3:15pm, Thu 05 May 2011
Port of Airlie awaits the arrival of the Whitsunday Boat and Lifestyle Show 2011. To be held on the 10th and 11th of September 2011, the show will be put on display the lifestyle that Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays is famous for.

Meanwhile the Port of Airlie complex is coming into full bloom, the Boathouse Apartments by Outrigger are an absolute beautifully appointed and a credit to the developers. The adjacent retail space already boasts a Coffee Club which now bustles with the coffee set keen to make use of the fantastic outlook over the new harbour. June and July will also see leading fashion retail from Calypso Resort and Swimwear and Billabong open at the waterfront. The other announcement is Hayman Fine Spirits who will add a new dimension to Airlie Beach with their fine beverages shop.

During a recent planning meeting for the boat show, the plans have all but been confirmed as being at the southern end of the Port of Airlie complex as depicted on the site plans shown on the web site.

The other major news is that parking will be available for about 1000 vehicles ON SITE, as Port of Airlie have gone out of their way to make space available at the Northern of the marina for exhibitors and show attendees to park.

These various features from the Port of Airlie complex will make the logistics of the Whitsunday Boat and Lifestyle Show far simpler than previous years and another reason for exhibitors and attendees to set aside the 10th and 11th of September for a great weekend at the Port of Airlie.

For further information:
John Nayler
0407 15 13 11
Boathouse Apartments by Outrigger
Boathouse Apartments by Outrigger 

Coffee Club outlook to new marina
Coffee Club outlook to new marina 

John Warlow and Dalwyn McErlane discuss show
John Warlow and Dalwyn McErlane discuss show 

Aerial view of Port of Airlie and show site
Aerial view of Port of Airlie and show site 

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